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11-28 14:52 Automatic Alarm (Smoke Detector Activation)
11-26 16:01 Automatic Alarm (Smoke Detector Activation)
11-24 17:55 Structure Fire
11-24 09:58 Structure Fire
11-23 21:47 Automatic Alarm (Smoke Detector Activation)
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Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 22, 2014  We in the Centerville Fire District would like to wish everyone a very safe holiday and a Happy New Years!



2015 Officers

Friday, December 12, 2014   Centerville - Cedar Grove Officers for 2014

                        Chief of Department - Randy Ricks

                              Deputy Chief - Jim Mullen

Station Chief - Scott Tucker        Station Chief - Jon Lowery

Captain - Rich Prinz.                   Captain - Tom Houlihan

1st Lt.   Chris Lowery.                  1st Lt - Shawn Mullen

2nd Lt.  John Heppner.                2nd Lt - Sean McKenna

Fire Police Captain - Phil Cobb

Fire Police LT 's.    Mart Ann Ellsworth.   Gene Reese 



Two days Two PIAA's

Monday, July 21, 2014   Monday's tour concluded with a PIAA on Blue Mountain road just in from the Centerville Station.Units found a one car MVA involving a pole with heavy damage to the passenger side of the vehicle ,Staff members secured the hazards and package two patients for transport Prior to Diaz's arrival.

Much like Monday concluded Tuesday Started .Units were toned out for a two car MVA with one patient complaining of head pain .Units arrived to find both vehicles out of the road in the Mobil Station parking lot ,One patient was evaluated and turned over to Diaz for transport units were back in in 20 minutes



I more trip to Green County

Sunday, July 20, 2014 12:50  Once again the 19 was toned out for a rescue assist to Green County .A team of 10 members responded and stood by as back up at the base of the mountain as Palenville ,Tannersville Rescue and the rest of the Mountain Top Rope teams rescue a subject fallen in the falls .



Rescue Assist To Green County

Thursday, July 17, 2014 20:41  Thursday evening brought another stroll in the woods for the 19 .Units were toned out to assemble and report to the Palenville fire Station to assist in a injured hiker at the North -South Lake camp grounds ,Rescue 3 and the Officer staffed responded with 10 members and additional hand lights for the stand by assignment ,before being moved to the scene and assisting with the rescue units were back in service at the 3 hour mark 



Second Run of Day

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 7:30  While units operated at the structure fire in Saxton .Rescue 2 was requested by Co 36 who's rescue was also operating in Saxton to respond to a 2 car mva in there District units responded and help package the victim with Diaz before returning to service 



Co 19 rolls on 2 Early Wednesday Am

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 5:32  Wednesday morning brought another busy day on the West Side.At 5:32 in the am tones dropped for a tanker to the scene of a working structure fire in the Saxton Fire District on route 32.Car 1 responded with Tanker 2 and 1 fire fighter as the tones dropped.With in minutes of there response Saxton command requested manpower from the 19 to the scene as well,Engine 2 was out the door with crew members.While en-route Command requested a engine to establish a draft at the stand pipe to the rear of Saxton Station.As the engine would not be able to make access to the fire its-self it dropped its crew at the scene and proceeded to establish the draft and fill tankers which were shuttling water,with the heavy fire load an additional alarm brought Tanker 1 to the scene as well.Members operated just over 3 hours at the alarm before being released to service

On Scene : Car 1,3,4,5,6,10

Engine 2, Tanker 1,2

As well as 15 members



Fast to the 29

Sunday, July 13, 2014 21:42  Th close out the Long festival weekend ,The West Side was toned out for a Fast team response to the 29 for a structure fire on the far side East side of town,Rescue 1 with a full crew covered this assignment and was back in at 23:45



The Hudson Project

Thursday, July 10, 2014   The Hudson Project :Three days of music and fun and long hours for the Vollies

The Centerville Fire District was tasked with protecting our guests as well as our residents during the 4 day event and this is how we did it

Our all volunteer staff provide in station coverage during the most active times during the festival as well as on site .Staff  was assigned 6 hour shift from 6 am till midnight(more like 2 am)during the entire event 

Our rescue 3 (6 wheeler as well 2 Gators from the festival and Brush 1 were on site clearing fire lanes and keeping a watch-full eye on the activities

Staff was assigned to Engine 1,Rescue 1,Engine 2 for immediate response outside the site reporting to the CFD command post at Cedar Grove stations over the entire weekend

Our staff interacted with Festival goes and found them to extremely respect full and cooperative 

Alarms:  PIAA off site 

                Ems assist on site

                 Fire work coverage on site

                Wash down PD command Post 

               Traffic control PDAA off site

                Car Fire on site(over heat no fire)

The Chief and Line officer staff would like to thank all members and there families for giving up the weekend to protect our Neighbors and Guest over this long weekned



Disastor Averted

Monday, July 7, 2014   On a hot Monday after noon CO 19 responded 2 engines and crews as well a fire police mutual aid to the Saugerties Fire Department for a propane truck venting .Units found a 3500 gallons bobtail delivery truck that had a blow off valve release at the Bottini Propane plant .Saugerties First due engine layed a 5" supply line to the Depot and CFD staff began the task of cooling the barrel on the truck to reset the release.The truck was then pumped back into Bottini's 30,000 gallon storage tank on site.Units Operated with Bottini's service staff ,CO53,,CO41,Town of Saugerties PD and reps from CSX to mitigate a very Dangerous situation ,



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